My name is George, I created Still Motion Weddings in 2017 after spending many years filming and photographing weddings for other companies. I utilised the portfolio I had slowly been creating to start my own wedding media business and here we are today! I have the privilege of capturing a lot of weddings, every one being unique in its own way and I thoroughly enjoy meeting every single bride & groom and their families.

Where I am based...

No wedding is considered too far. This is my full time job and I try to make every wedding count, especially after the last few years we have all had because of covid. (I tried my best not to bring up the C word!)

I am lucky enough to shoot weddings all over the world which include Greece, Aruba, Italy & Belgium, not to mention all over the UK. Some of my most popular locations for wedding photography and wedding videography have been Worthing, Brighton, Lewis, Tunbridge Wells & London.

I'd love to hear from you....

As I said above, no wedding is considered too far and I genuinely enjoy meeting every single bride & groom and I feel very lucky to call this a job. If you like what you see on my website and want a personalised quote, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

- George Power Finch


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As you know, we capture a lot of weddings. There's a few things we'd like to point out on how to make your wedding photos and videos stand out even more on your special day.

We've shot many weddings over the last several years and each one is unique in it's own way. We've seen trends come and go, traditions change and we've started to see more ways to make your wedding photography and wedding videography that little bit extra.

Below are some of the best ways to make those photos and videos stand out.

Tip #1 - Confetti Cannons

Trust us, they make the world of difference.

During your first dance or big group photos, invest in some confetti cannons, they're about £30 and if you have a few guests / groomsman / bridesmaids shoot some off as you start your first dance or take that big group shot, they add an incredible amount of personality and action to your photos and videos.

Confetti Cannons.

Tip #2 - Don't Rush!

One of the biggest pieces of advice we tell couples on their wedding day is to walk slowly and not rush the walking down the aisle shots, leaving the ceremony shots or the confetti walk shots.

The quicker you walk, the less photos and videos we can take. Walk slowly, enjoy the moment, soak it in and let us snap away, we can easily double the quality just by taking our time.

Tip #3 - Don't be afraid to use us to your advantage.

We love being candid and having the 'fly on the wall' approach to photography and videography. It allows us to capture moments that aren't staged and really capture peoples emotions.

However, we are your photographers and videographers capturing your wedding day, if you want us to do something, tell us! Do you have that one family member who you haven't seen in ages and want a photo with them? Or perhaps there's a certain style of photo you'd like us to replicate. Please let us know, we want to try and accommodate every request you have.

Talking about styles, this leads me onto tip 4...

Tip #4 - Show us your inspo

We know a lot of research, careful planning and preparation goes into a wedding, right down to the small details. We love having a catch up with our couples before the wedding get to know your a bit more and talk through your wedding plans. We include a pre wedding consultation in all of our packages.

One thing we like to tell all of our couples is to send us some inspiration on other photos / videos they like. We love the cinematic / candid approach and will always do a couple shoot to capture some intimate shots, however if there's a certain photo or style you've seen that you'd like us to replicate, please let us know.

We'd recommend using Pinterest to get an inspo board going so you can share it with us.

Tip #5 - Don't let the traditions worry you.

As we said at the start of this blog post, we have seen traditions change and trends come and go and couples often worry about doing the same traditions because it's what makes a wedding, well... it's not always the case, an example being...

First dance... it's the most popular tradition with a wedding, but not everyone wants to do a first dance, in fact, a lot of weddings we capture the first dance lasts less than a minute, but it doesn't necessarily impact the photos and videos. We'll always ask what your plans are for the first dance so we know whether it's going to be quick, or a full on choreographed dance.

As said by Hitched:

  • The biggest rule of 2022 is that there are no rules. Mix up the traditions as you see fit, and put a modern spin on things.

Those are a few of our tips for your wedding day.

Remember, this is your wedding day. We will always try to accommodate any requests you may have and offer any help / advice when needed and we hope these 5 tips help you with your wedding plans.

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