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Updated: May 9

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Everyone falls in love with Lindos and so it is quite fitting that it has also become one of the top destinations in the world to get married.

Lindos is a town on the Greek island of Rhodes. It’s known for its clifftop acropolis, vibrant nightlife and warm, sandy beaches.

Deep blue skies, warm Summers evenings and stunning locations. Now days more and more couples are choosing to travel abroad in order to experience their dream wedding day. The advantages of such a decision are many fold, not least among them are excellent value for money, favourable weather, a cosmopolitan atmosphere and the accompaniment of their very closest family and friends. It really is a once in a lifetime experience, the stresses and pressures of organising a traditional UK style ‘white wedding’ are all but unheard of here. The Greek people are amongst the worlds most hospitable, and when you combine their instinctive love of life with an excuse for a celebration you’ll really come to understand why the fabulous Greek island of Rhodes has grown to become such popular a venue for a destination wedding.

St Paul’s Bay, Lindos' number 1 wedding ceremony location. It's rich in history, culture and charm! The quaint white-washed chapel, of huge historical importance, lies in the horseshoe bay, opposite the Acropolis of Lindos, and next to the water’s edge. Just a short stroll from the centre of Lindos and its roof-top restaurants, easily accessible by our wedding boat to facilitate a celebration cruise, St. Paul’s is a picturesque location.

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